Why Do People Like Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Price

There’s a lot of talk about Bitcoin, so we want to know why people like this currency so much? Let us look at some keys for understanding more about it:


To send any amount takes matter of minutes, irrespective of an amount or regardless of destination.


Transfer cost at any part of this world through bank will add up to plenty of money. While using bitcoins, cost is some cents and free. Micropayments: making use of bank, paying over 0.30 Euros to somebody from chile in the gratitude for tweet or something quite similar is totally unthinkable, however, with Bitcoin it’s the reality.


You will send btc to any country across the world. Bitcoin, just like Email or internet has got no borders. With guarantee of respecting users freedom, makes this currency first global currency, which works rightly, irrespective of the bitcoin price.

Decentralized Emission

There is no government and central bank that will control and interfere in valuation of the bitcoin, neither in the creation nor distribution. So, with use of the Bitcoin, money will be depoliticized, it’s made by people, and eliminating control that FIAT money exerts over the population.

Open Code

BTC is the free and open software. Anybody will see the source code to study it and audit it, and improving it. Many people improve this daily: some smartest brains on earth do this better daily under the democratic consensus environment. In fact, merchants who had earlier accepted Bitcoin as the form of payment now have suspended making use of Bitcoin because of costing volatility.