Everything You Need To Know About FPS Tracker

fps tracker

Most Reliable Tracker for Stats and Leaderboard

FPS Tracker is a website that let you know where you stand by tracking your stats and leaderboards. It offers your great opportunity to enhance your skills, rate of performance and win the game to stand among the top players who are playing the same game. Thus, the website welcomes all the solo and team of gaming enthusiast to keep track of their wins, kills and most popular video games among other players worldwide. There is a wide range of video games available online that are fun to play and great pastime of many players worldwide. FPS trackers professionals who are experienced trackers help the players maintain records of their stats and leaderboards if left their account open on the webpage to auto-refresh and collect data regarding newly played matches. FPS Tracker allows the participants to add filters to their leaderboards so that they can reach their goal with increased performance and win the game to get listed among the top 10 or 25. It is entirely players wish to share their experience online to reach millions of other users.

Different types of Trackers:

There is a total of five kinds of trackers offered by this website. They are:fps tracker

  1. Fortnite Tracker
  2. Apex Tracker
  3. CSGO Tracker
  4. BF1 Tracker
  5. Overwatch

Step by Step Guide to FPS Tracker Website:

  1. FPS Tracker is a beautiful website that is exclusively designed to meet the specific needs of gaming enthusiasts present worldwide. Once you register your name on this site opening an account, you are allowed to keep records of your Stats and Leaderboards. Choose any one of the trackers mentioned above to get your work done at ease.
  2. Stay benefited from becoming part of this large gaming community as this website has helped many active users achieve their stats and leaderboards online. All their trackers provide them with the confidence to face the challenges after a detailed study of stats about the events they took part once they upgraded their skill levels.
  3. For accurate stats and leaderboards, the player should leave their account open on the webpage so that their chosen tracker will perform the necessary tracking to get actual stats and leaderboard for the player. It is also possible to keep records of your friends or other player’s performance if you know their epic username of the same game. Beat the odds and move forward to track your gaming stats and leaderboards.


Play your favourite online video games now with FPS Trackers that offer you not only fun and entertainment but also allows the players to know their stats and leaderboards to improve their rating among other players. Till now they have successfully offered their tracking service to nearly 71,195,898 players worldwide. Become part of this website that is the most reliable tracker for stats and leaderboards to gain future insights to enhance your gaming performance than other players worldwide.