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Over Ear Headphones are also called as around the ear headphones. They are also referred to as circumaural headphones. These are the conventional type of headphones. They can be open or closed and are one of the best in terms of quality of sound and convenience. Today, you get many types of headphones and there are many branded as well as non-branded versions available. There is a pair for every type of listener and for every budget as well. Thus, while you are looking for those perfect headphones, you should be careful as you may get confused looking at the wide variety. Here are some tips to help you find your way and reach the best over ear headphones under 200:

Additional features: Today, you get headphones with great features. For example, the most popular headphones are the noise-cancelling ones. If you are going to use the headphones during travelling or outside, then this feature will be of great help. It will block out exterior noises and give you superior listening experience.

Wired or wireless: If you wish to keep your hands free, you can choose the wireless headphones. You get Bluetooth-enabled devices as well but these headphones can be expensive.

Go for the best: Though there are few best-selling headphones from famous brands, these may be not suitable to every budget. So, what you can do is do a research on other products as well. Read the reviews as you may get less-expensive headphones as well but with great features. Choose one that comes with good sound quality features as this is one main factor to choose the ideal headphone.

Look stylish: Style need not be compromised with quality, as you now can choose the best-quality headphones that look also amazing. When you are using headphones at all times, and they are becoming your best companions, why not look also best? You can choose from different designs and colors, so that you get a over ear headphones under 200 pair that matches with your style as well as personality.

Budget: Before you set out to buy your favorite headphones, think of a budget and try to stick to the figure you have thought about. Of course, your research will tell you which ones are available at the price that you have set. Spending a huge amount on some super-expensive gadgets really is not the wise thing to do. There are also some super cool, super amazing headphones available under $200. You should check them out as well.