Now Earn Bitcoins By Playing Silly Games


The talk of the town has been bitcoins for a long time now. It shouldn’t even be a surprise considering the hype that this cryptocurrency is getting. It also owes to millions of articles being written on the topic. Though the use of bitcoins is debatable from time to time, one thing everyone is set about is how to earn bitcoins.

Play A Lot Of Games

Catching onto the irony of this already? People usually say don’t play games because they waste your money. But really, there are a few mobile games that help you earn them instead. It may not be in the currency itself but cryptocurrency. In today’s world, cryptocurrency has more value than actual currency. So play those games specifically that earn you some bitcoins here and there.

Doing Odd, Very Odd Jobs

This does not mean selling or buying illegal stuff. In no way will bitcoins promote such activities either. Odd jobs are used here to represent internet jobs. Some activities like filling out survey forms and doing a post about them. These websites or companies tend to pay in bitcoins. This is mostly to check the website’s working and also know about the payment modes working correctly.

Last Way Is To…

If these two don’t appeal to you, then the best way to earn bitcoin is to write about them. it is not necessary to particularly write about bitcoins themselves, but about cryptocurrency in general. Writing them just anywhere will not get you bitcoins. You will have to write these posts on certain blog websites and news outlets.

Writing such blogs in certain forums are also useful for earning bitcoins. But you have to ensure that you are writing them on such blogs or websites themselves. Otherwise, your effort at earning them will be fruitless.