Knowing More About commercial floor waxing service in Nashville

Carpet Cleaning

During the process of floor waxing the floor is firstly stripped of the dirt and other materials deposited onto it and then waxed carefully to provide it a glossy and smooth finish to the flooring area. These kinds of jobs are usually charged by the square foot when providing a commercial waxing service. The price charged from the clients varies depending on several factors which include the size, flooring type, and the daily approximate usage of the area. On average, the national cost is 30 to 60 cents per square foot which is the basic cost of cleaning. However, some jobs can cost more while commercial floor waxing service in Nashville depending on how difficult the job is or the above-mentioned criteria.

Processes involved in commercial waxing of floors

One can apply some stripper on the area and wait for about 10 to 15 minutes to allow the stripper to bite into the wax. Procedures and techniques on floor and surface cleaning affect the aura of the surrounding areas. It adds much elegance and quality, where special needs are taken care of during maintenance for its purpose. Once the cleaning is finished floors should not only look shiny and clean but should appear expensive and from now on they ought to be maintained properly. Damages such as cracks, brakes, or tears should be repaired or replaced immediately to avoid any form of accidents or further costly damages.


Commercial floor waxing service in Nashville includes procedures and techniques related to floor and surface cleaning. The directions of the process include obtaining proper tools which are to be used on the floor surface during the cleaning process. Another important term is the finishing of floors which is performed on floors that are stripped of wax and dirt and sealed for protection. The process of finishing is accomplished through the application of wax or floor shine and polishing it later using a floor polisher. It requires the application of a stripping solution to achieve stripping and then polishing it to obtain a better finish.