Know about campaigns held by real estate


Drip campaigns allow you to gain instant credibility with potential customers, identify the most attractive ones, and stay on top of those who aren’t ready to act. The real estate drip campaigns are a set of automated marketing emails that are sent when a contact triggers a trigger.

A trigger can be any number of actions, including joining your email list. For example, let’s say you’ve created a buyer’s package that you’ve offered for free on your real estate website in exchange for an email address. Once someone enters their email address and hits “subscribe,” they are added to the list that triggers the associated drip campaign that you have set up.

Here is another example. Someone signs up to get more information about a specific property. In your automated welcome email, you give the contact some options on specific neighborhoods to click on to show interest. Click targeting allows you to automatically add these people to lists that trigger related drip campaigns to provide details about those neighborhoods.

Timing is likely the next question you may have regarding your drip campaign. And yes, the answer is: “It depends.” Once again, the needs of the audience will drive your decisions here. The expectations you set for the contact during the registration process should influence the response.

For example, if you indicated that you would send an email daily for the next 10 days about the home buying process, your contact has signed up and expects to receive an email every day for the next 10 days. But if you’ve set the expectation that you will send out new information every few days, well, that’s what they’ll be expecting to receive.

There are many factors to consider, such as their experience, who you are talking to, and the amount of information they need to feel comfortable enough to do business with you. The answers to these questions will help you determine the duration of your drip campaign.

However, here’s a good rule of thumb: the higher the customer’s investment, the longer your campaign should be. Since you’re helping someone make perhaps the most important purchasing decision of their life, three emails are probably not enough. It will take more for a new customer to know, like, and trust you compared to a returning customer who is buying a second home.