Tips on how to get dog to stop peeing on flowers


Even though you provide well care for plants and watch your lovely flowers, but suddenly they turn brown or yellow color and get sudden death. This death of plants is really painful to every gardener and you don’t know what an exact reason is. The main reason for this sudden death of plant is urination of your dog. When you do is peeing on your flowers or plants, they start getting brown or yellow color and eventually died if it happens for the longer time. In order to prevent this issue and safeguard your plants or flowers, first of all the gardeners have to learn how to get dog to stop peeing on flowers. The following are the simple but the most effective tips to stop you dog urinating on the plants and flowers.

Tips on preventing the dog peeing on flowers:

  • Remove the odor with the help of non-toxic odor eliminator. It is very important to remove the stool or urine smells as possible to reduce or avoid the urinating habit of your dog.
  • Add some plants which the dogs don’t like in the middle of your flower plants and they include citronella, lemon balm, curry plants, or roses.

  • You can create a barrier to keep your dogs out using the chicken wire, metal U-posts, and also the heavy duty zip ties for the additional security.

These are the common tips and advices of the experts to learn how to get dog to stop peeing on flowers and plants. Every dog is different from each other so you have to likes and dislikes along with the behaviour of your dog first. Then, you can try the most effective way of preventing the dogs urinating on your plants and flowers. Whenever you try anyone of these suggested methods, you can definitely break the peeing habit of your dogs.