Tips to make your WordPress more secure

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We are not always aware of the importance of security for our online business website.WordPress is a very secure platform, and yet I have had to fix some glitches to clients who have contacted me worried and alarmed that their website had been “hacked”.And the worst thing is that all these problems are avoidable. That is why I have encouraged myself to write this post with key recommendations to have a more secure WordPress. Click here to know how to start a subscription business.

Your WordPress always updated

WordPress take security very seriously. In fact, all WordPress updates include security improvements. This is why it is so important to keep your WordPress updated, to always be up to date. In the same way, always update the plugins or themes that you have active.Visit this site to know how to start a subscription business.

Secure username and password

Don’t make it easy. Don’t leave your business key in the lock. Using things like common info as a username is a lot easier for hackers. The same goes for passwords.  Please do not use your pet’s name or your phone number. Try to use passwords suggested by WordPress itself, as they have character combinations that make them safe from a brute force attack.

Delete the plugins that you do not have activated

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The plugins are made up of folders and files. If you have plugins without activating, delete them so that those folders and files are not available and can be the object of attacks.

Use plugins for security

There are plugins that help us have a more secure and protected WordPress. These plugins, in addition to notifying us if our site is being attacked, allow us to detect if important system files have been modified, etc. They help me personally to be much calmer. Choose the one you like the most, but only use one, as using several can be counterproductive.

Themes and plugins with support and always updated

Please, under no circumstances install themes or plugins that have not been updated for a long time, since it is possible that they may bring security problems in the long run.

If you realize, most of the problems you may have with WordPress are solved with common sense and with proper maintenance of your platform. So, you no longer have an excuse to avoid an attack on your site.And remember to always have the support of professionals.