Reason to Visit South Korean Church Shincheonji

Shinchonji Church of Jesus

Religion in South Korea is generally characterized by the rise of Christianity, revival of Buddhism, as well as despite years of suppression, survival of shamanism. Irrespective of the differences, it is really safe to say all these religions, and their respective worship places, are just beautiful in their way. One such amazing place of worship to visit is Shincheonji.

Make Us Feel Reverence

In chaos of our daily life, do you long for reverence, peace, and quiet? After attending the SCJ church, we are transported to the place of worship & peace. I am always amazed with this peaceful feeling that cleans me from the moment I step in the building. It is the place of joy and calm.

Attending church will help us to revisit the revered state often. This gives us the space to pray & to express gratitude and humility. This allows us feel at peace as well as gives us break from our hustle & bustle of life.

Shinchonji Church of Jesus

Provides Several Opportunities to Give

This South Korean church offers certain kind of charity work as well as assistance for the communities or other areas across the world. Through this faith, we can visit as well as help our communities across the world, and locally in many different ways possible. Church gives us an opportunity of donating our money and time to causes that we have faith in. We also can help out through our organizations that share same values or want to share love and Grace with people in need. We are highly blessed to live the full lives with a lot of opportunity, freedom and safety. So lots of people in this world live in pain and poverty, and through this faith, we will help them to bring help and comfort.

Church Makes Us “Find True Lesson”

If you are struggling to maintain the stable financial ground and makes it tough to work for full-time especially when you have kids at home. That means you are having a tough time in figuring out what you have to learn from the experience.” It is the normal response, don’t you think so? We all have an urge to know why sometimes things do not go in a way we have planned.

Find priests.

For many, who are listening to the daily and weekly homily through life stream service is an only connection that they have had to their priest.