Relax, have fun and paint a scenic art piece

How much does it cost?

Does your team like painting, they may not be that good at it but that’s fine, as long as they think it’s fun then you should create a team building exercise out of it. It will allow the employees to learn more about each other, and overall have fun. You could try art jamming team building in Singapore, it is quite popular and is used by many companies big or small.

What is art jamming?

If you aren’t familiar with the term it basically means having a fun time creating art. It is where a group of people will get together and paint, or draw. With music playing in the background and people just relaxing to it. They can mess around, the art doesn’t have to be perfect, all matters is that they are having fun, and that they are bonding.

The advantages?

There are many advantages, as to why there is so much art jamming team building Singapore. One of the main benefits is that you can get employees to work together, also it will improve their motivation to work as they are having fun. This is good for the business because productivity can be increased.

How much does it cost?

Art jamming can cost all sorts of prices, it will depend on the place and for how long. Usually the classes will be two hours long, for this it can cost about $20 to over $30 for one session.