Deionized Water – Understanding the Purity of Water

deionised water

Deionized water is quite interchanged today; however, the two kinds of water are very different.

Distillation is the oldest types of water purification, and it is being used even today. Product of the distilled water is uncontaminated and pure. In the mean time, product of the deionised water is purer than the distilled water. First, deionised water is made through the series of intensive water purification procedure. For people who do not know what is deionised water, let us find more details ahead.

deionised waterAfter initial water cleaning procedure, water goes through the reverse osmosis or RO membrane. Then water passes through the special deionising medium that will remove other ions, which are left inside the water. So, by going through the intensive and different purification processes the deionised water will result in water, which is pure or purer than distilled water.

Knowing the Difference

Basically, water distillation is the simpler and convenient procedure to undertake compared to deionization of water. Here is the list of some differences:

  1. Whereas deionization removes majority of the minerals or other inorganic ions, and it doesn’t affect the organic substances and microbes. Distillation normally makes water of the better purity, however, may not remove any volatile organic compounds.
  2. For the use in laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, ultrapure water is needed. Historically, purest water can be obtained by the double distillation. These days, even the higher purity is achieved just by combining many advanced techniques of purification.
  3. Distillation & deionization are two diverse ways of the water purification, where latter is cheaper. For the household use, there’s not any difference. The deionised water can easily be used for things that require use of the distilled water. Even though it is labeled ‘distilled water’, probably it is deionised and not distilled.

With an availability of the water distillation machines available in the market, it’s easier to make safe as well as pure water through the process than deionization and making it more popular choice for the people who would like to drink clean water without spending any extra money on the bottled water and extensive purification procedure.

Ways to Deionized Water

Just put the deionised water that has had ionized particles removed. It is very important because, when you remove organic materials from water supply, majority of the dissolved impurities in the modern water supplies will be ions like sodium, calcium, chlorides, and more.