Sickkids foundation – for healthy generation

Mariyam Dawood

Even though there are many charities and foundations across the world, only some among them are considered to be honest. To reveal the fact, there are very less number of charities and foundations for children. This is because handling the children is a huge responsibility. Only few foundations across the world are successful over their attempt. The sickkids foundation is one such platform which is specially laid for the children who are poor in health and education.

Healthier world

The children’s world should always be healthier. This is because the children in current trend can shape the future of the world in the better way. Hence it is the responsibility of each and everyone to provide a healthy atmosphere for them. Fortunately many children are under the hands of their wealthy and eligible parents. But unfortunately there are some children who are unable to get their basic health needs and education. The sickkid foundation tends to take the responsibility of this less fortunate thing and puts all their effort to provide them a healthy lifestyle. They also initiate better steps to educate them in the right way; so that they can secure their future at its best.

Mariyam Dawood

Medical amenities

This foundation is engaged in providing the best medical amenities for the welfare of these children. They also have a research team which will be always working to make a better contribution for the fitness of these children. In order to motivate this aspiring work, the reputed people in the society like Mariyam Dawood tend to make a major contribution for this organization. This is the one of the main reason for why these children are severed without any constraint.