Top 4 Plumbing Myths That Need To Be Debunked

naples plumbing

Myths on plumbing are not new to us. Dozens of plumbing myths about taps, pipes, drainage, valve and bathroom equipment exist in this globe that needs to debunk. Therefore, here some of the myths and the real facts that need to be cleared while dealing with Naples plumbing.

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naples plumbing

Myth #1: Flushable wipers go down easily

This is one of the biggest myths of the globe. This is why most flushable baby wipers create a blockage in the toilet seat. Anything and everything that looks easy-going and small is not flushable. Even if it looks disposable but may create a hazard when flushing altogether.

It happens as the same with the feminine hygiene products, paper towel, and other similar products. All deserve to go to the dustbin, not on the toilet.

Myth #2: You can mix boiling water with grease to help it do down the sink

It is a wrong notion. Drinking water never unclogs our arteries and remove excess fat. Same works on the sinks and the entire plumbing system. Grease in any form should not allow going down to drain. If you do, it will always create a problem. As a result, you might have suffered from a complete breakdown of the home swage system at its worst.

Myth #3: A leaky faucet is not a cause for concern

This is the most problematic myth indeed. The leakage costs a huge amount of money when meant. The average leakage rate per faucet costs around 10,000 litter globally. Talking about Naples Plumbing it costs over a thousand gallons of water.

According to the unflattering facts by the Environment Protection Agency, the extent of the damage and leaky faucets including the fact that almost 10 percent of the water bill can be fixed with a leaky faucet. Therefore, save money and help the environment by fixing faulty taps as soon as possible.

Myth #4: Putting a brick in the toilet tank save water

From where this ridiculous notion comes is unknown. There is no justification for this myth. Well, there are many ways to save water in the toilet. You can use water-saver flushes and taps instead of following this myth. Fixing the faucet and valves are more effective ever.

Do you follow these plumbing myths blindly? Shun them all. They do not exist. It is better to use advanced plumbing equipment than follow these age-old notions.