THC Products To Improve Your Sex Life

THC Products

Nowadays many people are looking to CBD or cannabidiol ― non-psychoactive ingredient present in marijuana plant ― for giving their lives an instant boost. For people who are suffering from performance anxiety or stress in bedroom, CBD will lessen anxiety, improve mood as well as reduce inhibition. Many people say that they feel spontaneous & adventurous just after using THC lube. Some use tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, chemical responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive effects.  There is sometimes the high sensitivity to touch as well as increased willingness of being a little more engaged & sensual that, in turn, improves the sexual pleasure as well as deepens your orgasmic capabilities.

Using CBD Daily

For the beginners, it is recommended to use something topical. However, they may get reactivated with one small drop of water. Thus, if you think that you may be pulling “all-nighter”, then you may have to keep the glass of water, spray bottle, and water gun nearby! The water based lubricants are actually meant for the moist membranes-and they can dry up fast when it is applied to the skin, and they don’t make the good massage products.

Using CBD Daily

Silicone Lubricants

The silicone lubricants will stay slippery for longer than the water-based lubricants as well as can easily be applied anywhere in your body. They are used for the prolonged sexual pleasuring and for massage. They also are safe for the use with condoms & are preferred by people with the sensitive skin since they normally don’t cause any kind if allergic reactions and skin irritations.

Lubrication –   There are many clinically approved lubes available that will help to make intercourse more pleasurable and easy. Suppose you are a newbie, then you can start with something very simple like THC lube.

CBD generally acts as the anti-inflammatory and the research shows that around 30% of the women experience some kind of pain during intercourse, and CBD helps to reduce the inflammation. CBD is generally referred as the “Nature’s baby aspirin,” since it is touted to be very good for everything right from the hair growth to skin healing and overall pain relief.

One Final Point

Do not try any kind of anal penetration without use of the lubricant. The rectum and anus don’t produce natural lubrication and anal tissue is thinner & delicate compared to vaginal tissue. Thus, anal penetration without added lubricant will result in the painful tears and will potentially increase risk for several infections.