4 Amazing Tips to Keep Vehicle Paint Looking Great


If you recently have repainted your vehicle or id you have just bought a new car that you likely want to look great for the longer period of time. Well, that means taking a thorough care of the paint along with practicing a cautious driving and putting a little elbow grease into it can help you to do the basic care. While there is only so much that you can actually do in order to keep your car bright following collision repair or even going through vehicle painting service Tempe AZ. Here is a quick list that will certainly help your vehicle to look better and brighter, longer!

Try to Park your vehicle Indoor if Possible

So, if you have the garage where you can park your vehicle safely, which is not in use then you must certainly consider taking the advantage of them that opportunity. Always remember, harsh weather conditions can end up causing various damaged to your vehicle.  For instance, during summers your vehicle can get exposed to the harmful heat and UV rays that can easily result in the fading paint and during the course of hail, the situation can cause some severe dents and scratches on your car or any other vehicle.

Learn the bet Parking Lot Etiquette

This is another thing that you must consider, especially if you do not want to hire a vehicle painting service Tempe AZ. You must learn how to park your vehicle when heading to a store or restaurant and more, that tends to have an outdoor parking lot. Remember, the runaway shopping carts, doors of the other cars and a number of things can really end up putting a serious knick in your paint. Therefore, always consider parking in a back row that has comparatively less amount of traffic, as this will lower the chanced of damage to your vehicle.

Proper and Deep Washing Techniques

Keep in mind that using dish soap along with a kitchen rag will definitely end up damaging the paint on your vehicle. Also, the dish soaps tend to have degreasers that can cause damage to the paint of your vehicle as well. Therefore, make sure that you use cotton clothes or washing mitts in order to prevent any kind of damage and give it a good rinse afterward.

Wax it!

Never forget to wax your vehicle. Wax tends to provide highly efficient protectant components like dust and dirt, especially when you are driving down the road. Always make sure to speak with a professional vehicle pain specialist about what type of wax is best for the finish of your car.