How to send fax by using Google Gmail?


You can send fax by using email without any difficult or exclusive prices. You don’t need to have any extra hardware or software components for sending fax by email. If you have an internet facility, then you can send fax by using email from anywhere. You can send fax using email securely with exact price. You can save time and money for sending fax by using google account. By using Gmail account to send the fax will be reduced the rate of online fax services.

These features can be easily incorporated with our Gmail, Email, hotmail or yahoo. By using online fax in gmail, you can get free fax number and also maintain your current fax number. You can send fax and receive fax from your fax account in google gmail account. First, you should create google fax account in your mobile phone or computer. Google will provide the fax number to every fax account. If you want to send fax in email, then you should login to your mail account.

You can simply create a new mail by clicking compose option and enter the fax number instead of entering the receiver’s email address in ‘To’ field. The fax number is used to sending the fax to be followed by the fax service provider which you signed up in the account. Then you have type your message in the body of the email or in the subject and it will be your fax covering page. Fax machine is mainly used for office purpose and it can be consumed more energy. Fax machine is used home and business also and it can be very useful to send and receive google fax from anywhere at any time. If you are not used the fax machine, then you can unplug a fax machine to reduce the power all day. You can switch internet facility when you using the fax machine and you can save more money. As usually, you can add any documents which need to be sending with the fax. The documents will be in PDF, HTML document. If you unplugged your fax machine, then you can fail to spot important faxes. If the fax machine is plugged, then you can send and receive fax from any time. You should set the time and date for sending fax to any account. After the fax sent, it will be received the notification to the user.