Proper Water Treatment using Sophisticated Filtration Systems


As we all know survival without water treatment is impossible and whole house reverse osmosis water filtration system is best way to go with. It consists of pre-treatment system which includes a huge cylindrical shaped atmospheric storage tank, re-pressurization pump and Quantum disinfection.Sometimes calcite filter is used to increase pH value. If pH value increases then acidic nature of water will obviously decrease making it potable. Calcite filter is also used to add TDS to water.

Why prefer this method?

Lots of people might need it.If we don’t remove chemical impurities present in the water, it will lead to several problems. Contaminants such as high chlorides, sodium, sulphates are also present in water and they are dangerous so at times  whole house reverse osmosis water filtration system becomes mandatory.

It is advisable to drink water which has below 500 PPM. But the water in which the above mentioned chemicals are present are as high as 2000 PPM. Hence, we need filtration systems like these to get rid of all chemicals and bacteria. During older days we never encountered such a problem. Back then everything was pure and natural and now everything is contaminated. The main reason why people are having serious health issues. We need systems like these to make our water pure which can be used for drinking, cleaning etc.

Working principle:

Methodology employed here is quite simple and it is explained in following steps.

They literally consists of five different parts.

  • A sediment filter is used like calcite to trap particles that include rust and calcium carbonate present on it.
  • An activated carbon pre-filter is used which traps organic chemicals and chlorine. Chlorine is given more importance because it can degrade RO membranes at times.
  • An RO filter is then used which is nothing but a thin film composite membrane. An activated carbon post-filter to trap anything that may have passed through the RO filter.
  • Then the treated aka pure water is finally stored in a storage tank.

As we can see the method adopted here is quite simple and it’s not just that it also solves mysterious health problems. I have literally experienced a situation where one of relative almost died due to untreated water. It might look simple but problems arising out of it are always complicated. These are all because of water scarcity. Due to that we have adopted ourselves to use available water. If available water is “treated” by this system then it gets converted into potable water and it’s absolutely safe for drinking.