Here Are the Tips to Regrow Your Hair


When you’re born with the beautiful, soft, straight, or curly with a dense volume of hair, isn’t you’re blessed with a gorgeous look? However, in the busy schedule, you wouldn’t find time to give extra care or nourishment to your hair growth. Usage of chemical products might also be a reason to the hair loss that would result in rough and dry hair.

Don’t panic if you’re losing your hair, you have time and natural essential things to regain your hair growth. Here are few tips suggested by the hair experts after analyzing the regrow hair protocol review:

1.         Massage your hair

Head massage is important to maintain your scalp and hair healthy. It improves your head blood circulation that keeps the toxins away from your scalp. Message with oil which is best for hair loss prevention, you can apply the mixture of oil and make your scalp stronger.

Take any choice of oil and apply evenly on your scalp and massage smoothly using your finger pads. Complete the oiling procedure running your fingers through the hair and don’t take more than 10-12 minutes.

Leave it for one or two hours and then wash your hair, the best time recommended is apply the oil and leave it overnight for better hair conditioning. It results in stronger and healthier hair growth when head massage is done weekly once.

2.         Keep the conditioners away

Don’t use the conditioners after shampooing your hair and applying shampoo is just like adding more chemicals to your hair and scalp. It could damage your hair growth, but if you want to use conditioners then go with the oil and plant butters, such as almond, coconut, and olive oil and butters, like aloe, Shea, and kokum butter.

Take a small quantity of oil or butter to rub it between your palms and apply on your damp or dry hair; don’t apply to your roots. Leave for few seconds to smooth down the frizz and leaves your hair to look smooth and shiny.

3.         Use big teeth comb

Few combs might hurt your delicate hair growth and results in abrasions on the scalp. The wide teeth comb can be quite gentle to your hair and scalp as well when compared to the plastic made. It can also provide massage effect which could distribute sebum that’s a natural hair generated by your scalp to the hair.

Switch to the fine wide tooth comb and discard the plastic ones and these are the natural tips recommended by regrow hair protocol review for smooth, shiny, and silky hair.