The advent of accessible internet has done wonders for the marketing business. It has opened up ways and means of promoting products and services which were previously unheard of. Analyzing peoples’ use of the internet equips enterprises with a whole new array of tools with which to approach the marketing process. It informs them of the general public’s choices, what they do and don’t like, and also general insight into their thoughts and expectations. In a competitive and cutthroat market, this analysis is vital to staying relevant and ensuring customer loyalty. One of the most effective methods of doing so is search marketing, or more specifically Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

While the process itself has caught on and is being widely used across the globe, several countries have been at the forefront of this marketing revolution, and have been actively involved in educating lesser privileged and informed countries about the merits of these techniques. They have also played a huge role in organizing several events and conferences to disseminate information regarding these methods, and increase general awareness. The UK is a prime example of such leader nations. London in particular has become a hub for SEO events, with several of them organized every year, drawing huge crowds of online professionals. Below is a list of UK SEO events which have been effective in popularizing this marketing technique.

UK SEO events

  • The Festival of Marketing: – With over 200 of the best speakers in the digital marketing industry, this event is recognized as the largest global event dedicated to brand marketers. Featuring several reputed brands such as PlayStation and Aston Martin, and featuring the very cream of the marketing industry, including Chief Marketing Officers, this event has cemented its status alongside the very best of UK SEO events.
  • Digital Marketing World Forum: – This event is synonymous with London. Featuring over 30 speakers from household names such as Coca Cola, Travelex and BBC, this conference is noteworthy for its casual and interactive nature, with attendees getting the opportunity to get valuable insight into industry practices and challenges from the best minds in the search marketing industry.
  • Marketing Week Live: – This is more of an expo than a conference, and the general atmosphere of the entire event is conducive to building relationships and promoting products to a specific target audience. With a footfall of over 5000, this event promises companies huge visibility, and offers them a chance to test out the effectiveness of their marketing techniques, while generating revenue.