Outdoor and Waterproof Car Covers


Outdoor car covers are designed based on location, weather and climate conditions. If you live in coastal areas, you should go for WeatherShield HD. In wet climate areas, you need to protect your car by Noah car covers. Here’s the detailing to all popular outdoor Chevrolet cruze car covers material.


It’s made up of light-weight fabric which uses an unconcealed encapsulation method. This encapsulation process encloses durable polyester fabric which resists sunlight and water. This fabric is a tested performer which delivers impressive result in all-weather without being huge, so it’s easy to store and use.

The process includes 40 computerized steps to locate guarding polymers inside the car fabric to cast off dust, tree sap, water, bird dropping, and industrial pollutants. It has an absorption factor of 2%, and when it gets wet, just give it a shake and it’s dry. The enhance UV inhibitor slow-down the naturally-occurring degradation from sun hazard. The cover fabric is breathable and passes any condensation or heat that boosts the cover to easily escape. The silky smooth material provides greater paint protection and not affected by cold or heat.

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WeatherShield HD

The WeatherShield HD car cover has all the qualities of standard WeatherShield with an intense environmental protection. The material used in making the fabric of car cover was developed for excessive sun and environmental protection during long-way storage. It delivers remarkable UV resistance, blocks dust, bird droppings, repels water, tree sap, and is still breathable to passes heat and moisture.

The manufacturer uses UV-resistant polyester thread and solution-dyed which is 40% heavier than the common WeatherShield.


Noah Chevrolet cruze car covers offer the best wet weather protection. The exceptional construction process gives a Noah car cover all-weather protection capacity. It stops the water from stinging and allows it to breathe. The covers are UV resistance, dust resistance, and breathability to allow trapped the moisture and heat. Other features include:

Soft, paint-pampering inner layer: the woven fabric was constructed from nylon and polyethylene which results to high strength-to-weight ratio. It has a super soft touch.

Micro-porous middle layer: The barrier layer is a proprietary stretch-film which is subjected to a chemical process which develops microscopic holes smaller than dust or a water droplet.

Protective outer layers: The inner layer of the car cover fabric is made from polypropylene which gives it strength, and polyethylene which gives it softness. The fabric also acts as UV inhibitors and holds heat-resistant properties.


The Sunbrella car covers deliver excellent protection from sunlight and heat. It efficiently stops the slow fade damage caused by the UV rays. The material used to develop Sunbrella car covers is naturally UV-resistant, fade-resistant, and water-resistant.