All You Need to Know About Massage Chairs


Imagine coming home tired after a long day at work. Obviously, your shoulders ache, your back will be stiff, and you can feel your feet throbbing with pain. You simply slip off your shoes and fall into the grasp of a reclining chair and press some remote buttons. The television might not switch on, but your reclining chair starts giving you a massage.

The design of a massage chair

A robotic massage chair is designed in such a way that it provides a relaxing massage to any person sitting on it. They have vibrating elements and other complex machinery that can mimic the techniques of a human massage therapist. These chairs are capable of giving relief and comfort to any body who’s fatigued and needs some tender love and care.

These best massage chairs rely on a mechanical approach, and their extended usage has given rise to the invention of new techniques for a perfect massage experience. Some chairs can be filled with water and can be used to ease tension and stress. Others are designed with air bags that can massage your muscles and help in better blood circulation throughout the body. Several massage chairs are developed with the combination of these massage techniques.

Most massage chairs are made up of gears, motors, rollers, and many other vibrating mechanisms. These elements work together and produce a massaging effect on the surface of the chair. The extended usage of these massage chairs have led to the advancements in their technology. Nowadays, they are being developed in more sophisticated designs.

How massage chairs work?

When you sit on a massage chair, its rollers and motors produce actions similar to a human hand’s massage. The rollers are programed to move in a pattern that generates the massaging effect. Some massage chair rollers can only produce specific movements, like moving from left to right, or up and down the frame that’s attached to the chair’s surface. They are powered by electricity and can also be battery operated.

The other type of massage chair comes in a more complex form. Here, the rollers are attached to a mechanical arm that can move throughout the inner surface of the chair. It can even make circular or zigzag motions. A microcontroller or processor is preprogramed to make these mechanical movements. Some massage chairs also come with adjustable intensity, where the user can adjust it to the required force of massage.

Massage techniques used

Massage chairs are designed to perform the following massage techniques:

Kneading: The rollers attached to the mechanical arm can move in a circular motion and produce a kneading effect.

Rolling: When you rest your back on the chair, the rollers move up and down along your frame and give a good rolling effect on your back.

Gripping: The chair comes with a snug hold that can grasp users’ arms and legs, and hold it for a while before releasing.

Tapping: The rollers can push in and out of the frame and can ease your pain with a tapping effect.

Shiatsu:It’s a famous massage technique, where the acupoints are pressurized. The rollers will pressurize certain acupoints on the users’ neck, back, waist, and legs to relieve tension.

Now that you know about massage chairs, you can shop for your own best massage chair and relax after a rough day at work.