The Battle for Affordable Healthcare Continues in the U.S


Healthcare is mandatory in the United States, and choosing the right healthcare is in your hands, and of course, your budget. Until sometime back, it was Obamacare that found its way to more than 20 million Americans by offering affordable and quality health benefits.

Today, healthcare is in the novice hands of Donald Trump – an individual who has never held political office, but has managed to become the 45th President of the United States.

Here’s President Trump’s foolproof plan for affordable healthcare insurance being made available:

1. Overrule ObamaCare for better or for worse

Obamacare, also called the Affordable Care Act (ACA), was set into motion to give more Americans access to quality health insurance at affordable rates. There are about 100 million Americans currently under ObamaCare. Donald Trump’s proposal to repeal it might not go down easy with many; but the President hath spoken, and it’s just a matter of time before Trumpcare jumps into action. It remains to be seen whether Trumpcare is going to sit right with the people of America.


2. Insurance made available across states

If you’re under Trumpcare, you would be allowed to shop for affordable health insurance that stretches beyond your state alone.

The reason being that when there are more than just the chosen few insurers on the panel, premiums are likely to remain within affordable limits. This makes it more accessible and available to millions of Americans.

3. Tax deductions on the full premium

Guess what? You can now write off the full amount on your premiums when it’s time to declare your taxes! That’s what Trumpcare has in store for all those who scramble when it’s that time of the year.

Simply put, the wealthy can afford more expensive health coverage, and therefore, a bigger tax benefit. On the flipside, people working around low income might need to work with only a low-cost healthcare plan.

4. Block-granting federal money

President Trump believes that block-granting federal money would result in less wastage.He believes that local and state governments have a better know-how about their specific needs than the federal authorities.

5. Breaking barriers for drug providers based overseas

Trumpcare is getting geared up to extending a friendly hand to overseas drug providers in an attempt to make healthcare affordable to the American population. More than a handful of pharmaceutical companies are dependent on pricing their brands high in less profitable geological locations.

Granted that ObamaCare might have been expensive, but the quality and expanse of healthcare is unparalleled. Over 20 million American’s are flourishing with Obamacare, reducing the percentage of uninsured individuals in the country.

The current President has hinted that people with lower incomes would be taken care of. However, if you’re earning between 138% and 400% of federal property, you could lose financial assistance if you were accustomed to Obamacare.

Trump’s insatiable commitment to repeal Obamacare can leave millions scrambling for affordable healthcare, or it could turn the dice for the better. It remains to be seen which of these healthcare proposals has/will do justice to the millions of Americans shopping around for affordable healthcare.