Contact Lenses for Your Every Need

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If you are beginning college or beginning a new job in a new city, or want to change your life for the better and begin afresh, it may be time to bid adieu to your boring glasses. Opt for contact lenses to stay on par with your peers and have the most fun with your life without the fogging of glasses. If you are a first-time lens user, you can use daily disposable lenses alternatively on special occasions alone and use your glasses for regular use or choose monthly disposable contact lenses.

Using contact lenses has its difficulties too. It comes with high maintenance and could also cause irritation and dryness in the eyes. But the technology has advanced, and scientists have developed lenses with minimal side effects. Also, there are variants in the lens for you to choose from, based on your surroundings and your activities.

Types of Contact lenses

Contact lens is not a one-size-suits-all product; it has to identify and satisfy personal needs and preferences. Clearlab addresses these needs and has produced six types of lenses.

  • Clear38– this is suitable for arid conditions with relatively low content.
  • 55A line– This is a balanced product suitable for everyone if you don’t have any specific needs.
  • 55UV– as the name suggests, it offers protection from UV rays and is helpful for an outdoorsy person who lives in a sunny area.
  • Clear58- It is for people who have been using lenses for a while nowand is made from the most popular material for lenses-etafilcon.
  • Clear all day– offers the most water and retention and is recommended for people with dry eyes.


Contact lenses are a good option for the outdoors and parties. If you are at home, use your glasses, as your eyes need rest. Do not use your lens for more than 18 hours at a stretch.