Buy fishes online easily

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At this time, buying fish can no longer be a problem, not only be purchased directly to the seller’s place but can also be purchased online through fresh fish supplier singapore so the buyer just has to wait for the fish he bought to be delivered to his house directly.

However, when you buy some fish online that is delivered by a courier to your home, you need to do special handling because few fishmust be specially wrapped and travel long distances.

Proper handling when new fishes arrive is a very important first step.  Mishandling few fishes when arrives can be fatal.Mishandling some fishes can be a tragedy, killing them in just a few hours if ordered live fish.

This happens because the water quality and temperature are different, so the fishes need adaptation first.

These are tips to follow

  1. Salt the fish

 The first step that must be done when a  fish arrives is to prepare a container or aquarium for the betta that has been filled with water.Don’t forget to add fish salt.  For the fish salt dose, usually as much as 1 per cent of the amount of water, or you can follow the recommended dose on the fish salt package.

  1. Open the package and make sure of the condition of the fish. The second step that must be done is to open the packaging that wraps the fish.In this case, there are important notes when the fish packaging will be opened. You do not put the fish directly into the aquarium if it is live fish or have it.

 You have to observe the fish first, or you can take a video when you open it, so that if it turns out that the fish has died on the way,or the fish which you buy smells bad as if it is an old stock you can tell the seller.