Great Wall Motors V240 Truck: The First Chinese Vehicle to be Sold in New Zealand is a Truck

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The Great Wall Motors V240 is a little different from that though, as it uses a variety of sources and tooling to build the first Chinese built truck to make it to New Zealand. There is a smaller engined SA220 truck available, but this is the larger, next generation V240 that costs NZ$29,990.

Chinese Truck

Initial impressions are good. The body from the driver’s door back is a previous generation Holden Rodeo, while the engine comes from Mitsubishi and the drivetrain from Borg Warner. All of these are proven durable components which is of course what drivers want in a tough work vehicle.

The downside is that there is at the moment no diesel available, and the V240 comes with a 100kW 2.4-litre petrol engine from a car and put into a truck. The result is very little low rpm torque, which means plenty of revs to get the best out of the engine. cek harga indah cargo logistik

As the V240 is based on an older body it’s the smallest truck on the market, both on the inside and in the tray. Three adults will find it hard to fit in the rear of the double cab and there’s only a lap belt for the middle seating position.

The tray, which measures 1400mm by 1400mm means you can’t put large dimension loads as you can in the other trucks in the segment. Payload is good though, at 1000kg.

Easy Maintenance

Apart from that though, anyone experienced with working on the older Holden Rodeo will feel right at home, with extra points going to anyone who has worked on Mitsubishi engines as well.

Four wheel drive is selected through three buttons on the dashboard which changes the transmission from two wheel drive to four high through to four low, but again it’s the engine that tends to let the side down, with a week toque curve, requiring that off road driving means high revs. A diesel is on the way next year, although the importers have not made a decision yet on specs of the powerplant. The Great Wall trucks are available in five speed manual as well, unlike the other trucks on the segment.

Low Price

In the end though, buying one of these Chinese vehicles comes down to purchase price, running costs and durability. On price the Great Wall X240 wins – it’s cheap at $29,990, but you do get what you pay for – the small cab and the small tray. But on the other hand it’s based on proven mechanicals and if repairs are needed they may well be cheaper than anything else on the market.