Various ways to get Bitcoins

bitcoin faucet

Bitcoins are the first ever created crypto currency and it is digital money which does not physically exist but has value. The value of these bitcoins is more than any other currency in the world and there is only a limited number of e-money. Due to its limitedness, its value has been increasing for the past few decades.

bitcoin faucetOne can get this money in numerous ways and a few of them are given below:

  1. Buy online – One way to buy them is in exchange of currency of any country or other crypto currencies and for that you need to install bitcoin wallet which is a software application. There are five types of wallet which are used to send, receive and store crypto currencies
  2. Online games – Another way to earn bitcoins for free is by playing mobile or online games on bitcoin faucet using any of your devices like mobile phones and computers.
  3. Online jobs – You can also get them by doing some jobs or completing few tasks on the internet. Various websites offer people with small digital money rewards when they give the best answer for their question.
  4. Writing about it – One of the best methods to earn crypto currencies is by writing something about it. As certain blogs, forums and news outlets pay you in bitcoins when you write about them.
  5. Buy bitcoins in person – Digital money can also be earned by buying them in person and for that you can use several options.