Simple tips on buying an Electric Rice Cooker


Rice cookers are one of the most useful appliances that you will ever buy. They can not only cook rice but also cook other hot cereals, cook deserts, steam vegetables and even cook stews and soups. Every rice cooker may not do all of these tasks but many can do almost everything.

Modern cookers are made with a great deal of features nowadays than in the past and this can threaten a lot of people who are not familiar with using them. These cookers come in various sizes, features, function and price range. So before buying a rice cooker, you have to think about loads of things.


  • Type of Rice Cooker – The first thing to consider while purchasing the rice cooker is its type. Some of the types are listed below:
    • On/off cookers – These types of cookers are simple and can be used effortlessly. You have to add water with the rice and it will turn off automatically once the rice is cooked.
    • Cook and keep warm rice cookers – Once the rice is cooked, it will switch to the keep warm mode and some of these models also come with steamers.
    • Induction heating cookers – In this cooker, you can alter the heat levels to suit tie cook time and temperature.
    • Fuzzy logic cookers – These cooking appliances can sense the amount of rice and water inside it. They are advanced one and allow you to cook rice of different textures.
  • Features – The next thing you have to look at is the features of rice cookers. Some of the features to observe are
    • Delayed timers – It allows you to set a time to have the rice start cooking.
    • Keep-warm feature – It keeps the rice warm until the food is served.
    • A beeper or alarm – It will indicate you when the rice is ready.
    • A steamer tray or basket – You can use them to cook various things at the same time you are cooking rice.
  • Budget – Price is a big factor in any purchase and electric rice cookers are priced for all types of budgets. Buying a rice cooker of good quality, you will save more money rather than buying a cheap one.

By following the above tips you will choose the right cooker for your household and cooking style. Use the ricechef and never worry about burned rice.