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donations online

Secondly, they will have to segment and choose the audience that will participate in the event (if they are children, young people, the whole family, couples, men, women, etc.) so that, based on the audience, they can choose what kind of event and what date and time are they going to do it?

Some options of events with solidarity purpose can be a kermesse or afternoon of games, a football match to benefit, a gala dinner, a recital, a marathon, a parade, etc.

We recommend that whatever the type of event you do, begin to organize it with, at least three months in advance since there are two points that require a process to achieve the most important objectives: dissemination to achieve call and search of sponsors and patrons to reach the goal.

Online fundraising website

Collaborate with your community.

  • One of the biggest advantages of fundraising events is the opportunity to involve your community in your fundraising efforts.
  • Events tend to attract a local population. After all, there may be fun occasions even for those who do not have a prior connection with your non-profit organization.
  • One of the best ways to increase attendance and build stronger relationships with your donors is to involve the community. First, you need to have a strong understanding of who these valuable contributors are as donors and as people.
  • A small organization operated entirely by volunteers and although we have registered about 2,000 people on our email list, we are really like a big family. It made more sense to use WhatsApp in order to have a more personal and person-to-person communication; and also to show that the request to donate came from a reliable source. “
  • You can apply the same strategy for your event. By understanding and involving the community, you can create a powerful campaign that establishes contact with donors on their own terms.
  • To enact a community-based event strategy, you can follow these tips:

Connect your cause with the community.

Building your campaign by Online fundraising website around a community need can help you relate to your attendees. For example, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending hunger can use the funds from its event to provide food for a local shelter of indigent people. Connecting the cause with the community can motivate followers to go to your event and donate; they are, after all, the close people who support them!