Easy Way to Music Promotion

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Are you a musician new into the industry? Finding it hard to fit in and make your fame and name among the giants? But it is not an easy task to make your compositions reach to a larger section of people without any outside help. The music industry is like a storm, once you’re in it. either you’re wiped out or you learn to fly on your own. To give you a boost up and make your music reach more people, Songlifty is here to help you. We have the right music promotion tools to make you stand out of the crowd and show your talent to the world. We provide exposure to you on various social media platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and, Facebook.

buy spotify plays

Increase Popularity

Make everyone aware of your presence in the industry, be the star you always admired once. Put aside the competition and create your own empire. All just by starting Music Promotion on Songlifty now, we’ll give you exposure to a larger mass of audience than you can think of at minimal costs. Our services are designed to tailor your need and offers various plans depending on your budget and needs. Sign up to a growth plan and start interacting with more and more audiences on every single day through various platforms.

Build a Fan base

Gain followers and fans in a faster and more effective manner, sign up for our services and buy views and YouTube subscribers for Vevo music videos. You can track your view count and subscribers, based on which we’ll help you to develop marketing strategies to make your popularity charts reach the skies.

Earn from Royalties

You are always eligible for royalties for the views while working with us. Unlike other music promotion companies, we let you have the royalty you gain from the views on various social media platforms including YouTube.

To have all these advantages, all you have to do is to select the plan of your choice, sign up and place an order along with your payment, and then just sit back and watch. We’ll promote your music for you and within 24hrs of placing the order, you’ll start witnessing the change. Within 2-3 days your insights will be drastically improved and you’ll clearly be able to make out the change. Try Songlifty for Music Promotion and boost up your career.