picture hanging strip

Pictures are memories that have somehow escaped your mind and now exists on paper. Pictures are very dear to us, they help us remember moments that have gone by, moments that we cherished once long ago. Pictures can be used as beautiful decorations in anyone’s home, as they bring life in the dead void of a room.

But people normally ignore the wall strips that are used to hang these pictures. They comprise of a major part in hanging pictures, for wall strips makes the presentation even better. Therefore picture hanging strips are just as important as the picture for a pretty display on your wall.

picture hanging strip

How To Apply Command Picture Hanging Strips?

 It is very important to give time to a picture hanging strip or a wall strip after it has been placed on the wall & a few days must at least be provided before hanging heavyweight substances. It is important not to stick on irregular surfaces or rigid frames. The manual must always be followed to avoid damages probable to the painting or to the frame.

How Much Weight Can Command Wall Strip Bear?

Choosing the right product is of utmost importance. Command lets you choose from a wide variety of products depending upon your specified needs. It is necessary to check the weight limit on the wall strip that you ought to buy as well as the weight on the item you desire to hang.

It is to note that Command wall strips are not reusable so once it is taken off, it becomes a thing just left useless in your home and can be disposed of.

What Is The Price Range For Wall Strips?

Prices of the picture hanging strips or the wall strips can range from anywhere between $3-$30 completely depending on the number and the type of hangers one buys.

What Are Command’s Supported Hanging Surfaces?

There are endless Command’s supported hanging surfaces. It can be used on a plain wall, painted wall, mat finish or any wallpaper for that means. there are different other material adhesives to it, which are varnished wood, concrete walls, tiled surfaces. You can also place it on the metal surface or glass work. In case you have a laminated surface in your house, you these picture hanging strips could be used there as well. It is advisable to avoid textured walls, bricks or rough surfaces.


Command’s picture hanging strips provide a variety of wall strips depending on your need and choice. It has a wide range of products worth the price and consideration.