Chairs Of Office Work Should Care For Health Of Office Workmen

seat cushion

It really happened in a corporate company’s headquarters in the suburbs of London. The episode is narrated by one Pete R Snow like this (not original quote): The top most of the HR wing of the company had gone around the premises and enquired a lot about the welfare items and grievances. He had a deep look into the environment around also. One small matter struck to his alertness by inputs from managers and supervisors there was that the afternoon output of staff declined slowly till the office closure time comes. It was real that the inspecting HR captain ordered at once to replace all the seats of the staff with pure foam cushions from a quality company around. It paid dividends of course. office chair cushion has a telling effect on the capacity or known as “productivity” of the staff which is also an effective tool as equal to the product itself. So productivity is related directly with the seat’s cushion

Convenient work environment including amenities contribute to the work: A noise free atmosphere, good furniture, hassle free software and understanding team leader or leaders sustain the capacity of any worker and it adds also. The time spent on work, energy spent and the production capacity all put together make the product gets use or utility value and attains market value. This capacity or productivity will be diminished by direct accessories of work place and inculcated more by positive accessories like work tools, trouble free soft or hardware and prominently seats. Yes, by commanding an office staff even though he is paid sumptuously, cannot perform office duties by sitting on a frictional chair or a rough one. Even a revolving chair which does not ease one’s hip is a wrong tool only. Revolving chair allows small mobility, but not one to give ease to tail bone.

Office chair cushions should be of standard memory foam that facilitates itself to spread inside with its elasticity character thereby adding ease and comfort. It would be non-slippery and for more time the weight of the sitter can be borne without giving back pain, tail bone pain and sciatica nerve pain.