Satisfy Your Hunger Cravings with These Shakes & Lose Weight

Satisfy Your Hunger Cravings with These Shakes & Lose Weight

Whether you’re dropping the extra pounds because of an upcoming photo shoot, because it’s almost beach season, or just because… Whatever your reason, where there’s a will to shed a few pounds, you’ll find a way. One popular means of doing this is by swapping hefty calorie filled whole foods for the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss.

While the actual science behind whether or not meal replacement shakes can help you lose weight has long been debated, there’s always been a general consensus that the ingredients used in making these shakes (plus the fact that they contain fewer calories than whole foods) help people lose weight. The point of contention has merely been about whether or not a combination of them achieve the same function. But if the return users you’ll see in 310 nutrition reviews are anything to go by, these shakes are effective.

Before you add every single meal replacement shake into your shopping cart, let’s compare two shakes – 310 shakes vs.gnc protein shakes. Each of them has various strengths, but let’s see which will help you more in your journey. That is, which is more effective for your weight loss goal.

310 Shakes vs.Gnc Protein Shakes Ingredients

GNC Ingredients

  • Protein Blend – gnc protein shake is packed with a lot of fast acting, high quality animal protein. This protein blend is made up of milk, whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. One serving contains about 25 grams of protein – which is the exact amount of your daily recommended protein. So one serving should be enough for you.
  • Carbohydrate Blend – this special blend, which is unique to GNC, is made up of cellulose powder, inulin, resistant starch, xanthan gum and a few other healthy carbs.
  • You get 8 grams of fiber, 4 grams of sugar (from corn syrup, stevia leaf) and 21 vitamins and minerals in each serving of GNC protein shake.

310 Shakes Ingredients

  • Tri-plex Blend – 310 nutrition has its own special blend of plant protein made up of pea, hemp and brown rice proteins. All of these proteins have specific functions: for example hemp is high in omega 3 acids, while pea is great at muscle building.
  • Fiber Blend – each 310 serving contains waxy maize, xanthan gum, cellulose gam and a few other high fiber ingredients.
  • Vitamin & Mineral Blend – from 310 nutrition reviews, you’ll notice that one serving is filled with more than 20 vitamins and minerals like – vitamin E (which protects you from neurological diseases like early Alzheimer’s), B12 (for increased immunity), magnesium, copper, biotin and many others.
  • Green Blend – made of antioxidants like beet juice, alfalfa juice, kale, spinach, organic broccoli and a couple of others.

One impressive thing about 310 shakes, and perhaps what makes it one of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss – for all types of people – is that it is free from diary, gluten and soy. So it is safe for both vegans and non-vegans with soy, gluten and diary allergies.

Lose Weight


A 16 servings (two scoops equal one serving) pack of GNC protein shake is worth $39.99 or $2.5 per serving. While a 28 servings (one scoop per serving) pack of 310 shake is worth $68 or $2.4 per serving. However, note that in both cases, bulk purchases or memberships (having a gold card for GNC or subscribing to 310 membership) attract discounts.


Both products have exotic flavors. 310 shakes can be found in salted caramel, mocha, vanilla chai, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and toasted coconut flavors. Meanwhile, GNC protein shakes come in cookies and cream, chocolate peanut, rich chocolate, orange cream and French vanilla flavors. 310 nutrition has more flavors, but it all boils down to your taste buds.

Pros of GNC Protein Shakes

  • High fiber content increase satiety
  • Uses high quality (whey) protein, which the body absorbs fast


  • Has a lot of sugar in just one serving (4 grams)
  • Only 16 servings in one pack, which won’t last till the end of the month. You’d have to buy a second half way through, so you’ll essentially be spending $80 each month – which is more expensive than 310.
  • Taste isn’t consistent. Same flavor can taste different.

Pros of 310 Shakes

  • 100% fat free
  • Contains no dairy, gluten or soy – so it’s great for a lot of folks


  • Has no artificial sweetener, so it doesn’t taste all that great (but is healthier)

Final Thoughts

Diets can be tough, especially when you reach the sweets craving part of your diet. But instead of taking soda or candy, try a meal replacement shake instead. Drinking a few sips every now and then will curb this craving without adding extra calories for you. You literally don’t have to go too long without eating, just a few sips here and there, and before you know it, you’d have lost a ton of weight.