How to get maximum advantage on CSGO


CSGO is one of the most popular shooter PC games. The CSGO features extremely good graphics, team play, and an interesting storyline.
However, did you know that you can configure your PC to get a great competitive advantage and get better ranking on CSGO? The tricks and tips that follow may not be fool-proof or sure-way, but they are a great way to improve your settings to get the better of a competition

1- Graphic settings

The most popular form of graphics setting for CSGO is the 4:3 resolution. This setting provides only a 74-degree view though. If you wish to concentrate more on your target, you can use this configuration. However a 16:9 resolution increases your screen pan to about 90 degrees. This gives better vision and more details. A good way to increase your CSGo FPS is to drop your resolution.

Launch options

Getting better graphics mainly depends on the type of game you are playing. Since CSGO is a CPU game things can’t be changed drastically for FPS improvement. However, here are some things that you can do
1- Make graphics setting low
2- Disable anti-alias
3- Enable multi-code render
4- Adopt these options in your launch parameters
These commands will set the process affinity to high and grant your cores to CS: GO. Following this, we have to modify CS: GO’s config file using cs go fps config, which is a little complicated essentially.

Adjusting config files

1- Enable file extensions in Windows
2- Find config.cfg in the game directory
3- Change all values from 0 to 1
4- Make sure the changes are saved in the file as config.cfg
For more details about changing configuration settings to optimize your cs go fps config, look up the tweaks available online. While they may seem insignificant now, once you notice the great enhancement they can provide your play, you will be happy you looked them up. So go ahead and learn more about FPS enhancement for your CSGO.