Benefits of Implementing Typography


Typography is the art of arranging alphabets such that it looks aesthetically pleasing and good to look at. The most popular forms of typography are calligraphy and hand lettering. For people who are into web designing, typography helps adding life to whatever you write. While typography might look like an easy form of art, a lot goes into mastering this art and getting best results. You should be learning and implementing typography for the following reasons.

  1. It attracts audience

We all would remember back when we were young, we’d only want to read what looked attractive. Even though we grow up, human mind works like that. People have a tendency to pay attention to things that would seem aesthetically pleasing. When you use typographic elements in your text, it makes your content attract more people to pay attention to it.

  1. It adds harmony

When you choose a format of typography for your content and repeat it whenever needed, it creates harmony. Any content with harmony looks good overall. For instance, you can use a font and size of calligraphy throughout your text for headings. This will establish a differentiation between the headings and paragraph texts.

  1. It can be used to convey mood

Typography can be used to denote what the text talks about. If it is a comic book, you can use designs that look fun. On the other hand, you can use more definite and regular designs for business related content. Every kind of typographic font has its own significance. This is why you should be aware of the implementation of the design as well.

  1. It helps in building brand awareness

Every brand needs to have its own unique identity. If you select a specific typographic design and start using it in your texts, posters, and even make it a part of your logo, people will start recognizing you brand. There is an association that is created between the design and your brand.

  1. Relaxing

One of the most rewarding aspects of typography is while you draw the designs, you feel very relaxed. Nowadays, a number of people practice the art of typography to get rid of stress. The patterns and designs need you to concentrate on drawing. This in turn distracts you from stress.

You can learn introduction to typography online. Typography can help you in various ways, whether it is in your business or relieving your stress.