Editing And Proof Reading Of Academic Writng-Guide


When you are done with the academic writing of you paper, the final stage is the editing and proof reading. This is the crucial part of the whole process. Sometimes you would have incorporated more than necessary into the work and many things can be edited out and brought to reason. This has to be done carefully as the important information should not remain like a skeleton without skin. So, relevant information explaining the point concerned has to be there but not in an elaborate way. You can use details of essay edge.

Sometimes discrepancies creep in unknowingly and they can be edited out in this process. You may feel the pangs of all the hours of work put in, but while editing you will have to unmerciful and slash way the unwanted paragraphs or pages that deem unfit for the academic desertion. The editing process is a thankless job and it needs far more concentration and though process than the actual writing acumen. Here you have to sift through all that has to be there and retain only the best which is hard choice.

The proof reading is when you check for every spelling and punctuation mistake. Now as the technology has advanced, this is usually sorted by the computer and it makes you aware where correction is needed, right from the sentence formation to the way if certain word is repeated etc. this saves a lot of time and energy, yet corrections have to done, even if they are pointed to you. Using details of essay edge will be beneficial.


This has to be done as a third person and emotions have to be checked. It’s your work and you will be in love with it. But editing takes more time than putting pen to paper. It make take long hours and you would have to come back to it after a break to get back the perspective. Though you would have gone through the draft several times, it would be read with fresh eyes each time so that you can spot what can be done to make it better and hold back on what is actually necessary.

Proof reading

It is good to have a run through of what has been written and if you would have spotted the best writers are bound to make mistakes as thoughts sometimes precede the speed of writing and in a hurry to put everything to paper there are chances of going awry on sentence formation, spelling etc. the proof reading part actually allows you to correct and make it perfect and make final draft a befitting one.