Microphones for unmatched gaming and video viewing experience


Mobile phone users and gamers are always in search of microphones for better user experience as nobody wants to experience any problem during gaming. If you are looking for the best microphone for better gaming and YouTube experience then we will provide you all information about it. The microphone should have good voice catching features essentially for good voice commentary. We will provide you the best microphones reviewed on OnTheSpeakers.com.

Yeti is known to be the best microphone having many happy existing users. Yeti is sonically flexible USB microphone. It is known as the best in quality microphone. It comes with a mini stand making it easy to use. The makers are expert in making professional quality microphones. There is volume control option in the microphone which is a plus point in the microphone. It produces good quality sound in various situations. It comes with many helpful and useful features. It has a good built quality but the button quality is not so good.

This microphone is very good for outside recording needs. It contains a mute button and volume control button on the back side. It can record the voice of the whole room. Yeti is costly but provides you the excellent quality of sound and recording.

Sony ECM-CS10 Omni directional microphone:

This microphone has a feature of stereo channeling. It will give you a good quality stereo sound. It is very useful in recordings in meetings and conferences. It comes with 300 hours of battery life. It comes with noise cancelation feature. This is one of the best microphones reviewed on OnTheSpeakers.com. It has a feature of hands free recording. It has plug-in power facility for power management. It comes with an integrated stand for capturing audio sound which makes it useful in meetings and conferences. It has a more natural recording process.

MXL 770 Cardioids condenser microphone:

It is an affordable microphone that comes with multipurpose use. It has a sound quality comparable with other high quality microphone’s sound. It is a very good microphone for beginners with a quality condenser. It is very much suitable for singers and also for gamers and commentators. It is very good for single as well as for multi voice recordings. It is a high output device with low noise. It is useful for digital and analog recordings. It has a good performance and contains high end voice clarity. Overall it is a very good microphone.