A Guide for boosting your business with YouTube tactics


YouTube is the world’s most liked and prevailing video sharing website. It was the initiation of publicly sharing videos on a website by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim in Feb 2005. Google being most powerful and desired search engine with world’s information, webpages, images and many more features acquired YouTube in November 2005 enabling users to upload their videos and expanding in up to nine more countries including UK in June 2007 with launch of High Definition (HD) videos from December 2008. Its progress hit in 2009 with TV launch and one billion daily video views in October and Full HD launch in November. In 2010, it continued its headway with two billion daily video views, ads launch followed with increasing one billion daily video views each year and till date with 800+ million monthly visitors. Today it holds a position of second most popular search engine after Google and leaves behind the well-known search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Ask etc. Currently it is a business platform for many users who make up to an average of $2000+/day by uploading videos that garner likes and views. You can buy youtube views here. Let us now check ‘How’?

How does YouTube works?

Let us first understand behind the scenes of YouTube and what all undergoes in getting most of the views to the uploaded videos.

Steps in Uploading

  • When a video is uploaded on YouTube it is copied into several different file formats that differ in the levels of video quality.
  • Each version of the video is split into several pieces called packets
  • These packets are then encoded as radio waves and transmitted via Wi-Fi or a mobile network.
  • The transmitted packets when hit the signal of cell tower it is sent to YouTube server via wired connection.
  • YouTube server then assembles all the packets into a video and stores at Google’s data centers.

Steps in Downloading

  • When a visitor click on playing a video, a request is sent to YouTube server over the internet.
  • YouTube selects the best video format up on the request and splits the video into packets
  • These packets are then transmitted to user’s computer via wired or wireless connection.
  • The delivered packets form into original video with optimum quality.
  • The video buffers to receive the next packet if the user has a poor internet connection.

Ideally, a viewer clicks on videos that have garnered more number of likes and vuews in comparison to the other videos. Youtube channels that have more number of subscribers are also a hit. This is where it is required to buy youtube views, likes and channel subscribers that are genuine. Click here to know about this aspect.


To be a successful You Tuber, laying a strong foundation is important. However, maintaining the user engagement factor is equally important to acquire most views, likes, comments, shares, subscriptions and highest ranking to your uploads. You can start by buying genuine ones here.