Why is it that Netflix offers different content in various countries? Here’s all that you need to know


Your Netflix account from the US may not work if you try to access it while in the UK. There are several reasons behind the same. Let’s try to understand more about this issue.

Demand for the content varies from one country to the other

May it be a TV show or a Hollywood flick; it’s obvious that studios put a lot of money in the content these days. Films produced by small production houses are worth thousands of dollars, while those made by big studios are worth hundreds of millions. Thus, in order to recover their investment and to earn a maximum amount of profit possible, studios strictly enforce copyright.

Why is it that Netflix offers different content in various countries Here's all that you need to know

Until the beginning of the last decade, box office collection meant everything for the movie, especially, after the end of VHS era. Experts suggest that it was very difficult to replicate VHS and to sell them cheaply. But today, pirated DVDs and online streaming can ruin studio’s profit margins.

To get the best out of tablet PC and smartphone era, companies are selling their movies only through video streaming sites and apps. Country specific rights are sold to these streaming companies. American rom-com may not work in Brazil, while a British comedy show may not attract even one viewer in the United States. Buying rights from studios is an expensive affair and it’s obvious that streaming players like Netflix will buy rights for any given country only if the content has a demand in the specific market.

Best bidder wins the rights

Every video streaming service provider strives to offer exclusive content to consumers. As mentioned earlier, such deals are country specific and the best bidder often wins the streaming rights. So, if Netflix has rights for a popular TV show in the US, it may happen that they do not have the streaming rights for the same show in the UK.

Thus all the video streaming players offer a different set of TV shows and movies in the countries that they offer their services within.

How to get american netflix? Is there any way to watch American shows on Netflix while out of the United States? Yes, there are some tricks.

You can easily get an American IP address with the help of a DNS server. Several people have managed to unblock the US shows on Netflix while abroad. For more details, you can visit How to Get American Netflix Pro.