How to take care of Golden Retrievers?


The Golden Retriever are a trustworthy, loving, and cheerful breed of dog which is one of the best and popular family dogs in the world. Golden Retriever are part of the sporting group of dogs. They are playful and enjoy the outdoor activities and playing games. Golden retrievers are adaptable and love people. Therefore, they are most chosen and loved one, and it is the best choice for the first time beginners who are looking for a pet dog. But, one must purchase it from a reputable and trusted breeder who has all valid certifications concerning to the dog and his health.

Training Needs

The Golden Retriever easy to train and they are also keen to learn things and can grasp things quickly while training. Also, they wonderfully and swiftly respond to the command. Therefore, it makes easy for one to handle and play around the Golden Retriever. They are usually peaceful and nonviolent with the other animals. Sometimes the Golden Retriever feels shy and violent which can make him behave inadequately and show unfriendliness toward the people and the other dogs or animals around. For this a good and time to time training necessary, as it can help him to react and behave adequately.The Happy Pooch offers tips and guidance about how to groom these dogs.

How to take care of Golden Retrievers

Coat and Grooming of golden retrievers

The coat of the Golden Retriever has a dense, water-repellent double coat that comes in various shades of gold. The Golden has a water repellent and pretty feathered coat which makes them look shimmering. Like other dogs with heavy coats, the Golden retriever’s coat also sheds heavily and call for repeated brushing and bathing to remove the mats and debris from his body. Proper grooming and cleaning are essential to keep the golden retriever away from the infections and diseases.


The Golden retrievers have the tendency to gain weight, therefore; they need to be fed with an adequate amount. But to meet their health requirements, it is essential to feed them with 2 to 3 cups of quality dry food. They grow faster. Therefore, a quality and low-calorie food are better suited for them.

Exercise and Health

The Golden Retriever can relax inside the home, but requires daily exercise and indulge in other playful activities so that it can channelize its energy. Sometimes they can get hyperactive, and as such they must not be left alone for a longer duration to their antics. They must be taken out for exercise or a walk at least twice a day.

The golden retrievers can live up to 10 to 13 years. They may have health issues like hypothyroidism, eye disorders, (SAS) sub-aortic stenosis. The Golden Retrievers may also suffer from cancer, canine hip dysplasia (CHD), mast cell tumor. Skin allergies in the golden retrievers are a common factor. To detect the health issues with the golden retriever, it is recommended to visit a vet for regular checkups and tests to ensure better health and a longer life as the vet can examine and diagnose the problems better. Visit The Happy Pooch to know more about the grooming of these dogs.