Facebook video views – how does it help your business or profession?


Definitely if an individual is running or started a new business then in today’s world he can definitely think about promoting it online. This promotion can be started with social media sites like FB where he can first promote it among his friends. Yes. FB shares, likes and increase fb video views can add real value when we consider promoting a business.

A study revealed that FB videos are becoming very popular than YouTube videos today. They are shared more, liked more by people than YouTube videos. So, it is easy to grab the attention of huge population and promote the business on FB. Let’s look into the few things which will help in promoting the business via FB.

Facebook video views - how does it help your business or profession

How Facebook Video Views can help?

  • There is no need to create new content every time when the business owner wants to share a post on their business. They can re post the existing content. This will also help in engaging with customers.
  • This results in utilizing the time and not wasting the effort which has been put while preparing that old video.
  • One can share a YouTube video which relates to the business, re-upload an old talk, one can modify slides as a video and share it.
  • Since FB is an established social media, more and more people visit here daily. To grab this much population to your website takes lot of energy and time. So, promoting the business here becomes easy. One thing the user can do is embed the video of his choice which is relevant to his business in his own website and share it to FB.
  • He can also use a call to action feature in FB. For example end of the video he can give an option which says ‘visit site’ for more information. This will also help in grabbing the customers. Earlier people were using annotations which were really disturbing. But with this call to action feature it is just as simple as clicking a button to take the visitors to the site – all by increase fb video views
  • From FB one can embed the video into their site as well. For this there is a feature called embed video in FB. These will help in getting more and more traffic to the business just through using FB responsibly.

These not even help in attracting known visitors but also unknown people on FB.